As an employee, you should never have to deal with unfair termination or treatment by your employer.

Employee Rights Under Massachusetts Law

Under Massachusetts law, you have the right to not be targeted or retaliated against based upon gender, race, ethnicity, and religion or based upon actions which occurred during the scope of your employment. You also have a right not to be terminated for exercising a legal right, including filing a complaint concerning your employer’s wrongful actions or asserting a right concerning being paid your earned wages or overtime.

Terminated Employees Must Be Paid All Earned Wages

Under Massachusetts law, employees who have been terminated are required by law to be paid all earned wages, including holiday and vacation pay under oral or written agreement, on the date of termination. This means that your employer is required to provide you with a check on your last day of work which includes all earned pay, unused vacation, and unused holiday time off. Employees also have a right to obtain a copy of their personnel file upon request from the employer.

Most Wrongful Terminations Involve Some Type of Discrimination

While you may believe that you have been wrongfully terminated, not all terminations may be considered wrongful in Massachusetts. In Massachusetts, employees are considered “at-will” which means that you can be fired at any time and for any reason, with or without notice. There are some categorical exceptions to this generality as, typically, most wrongful terminations involve some type of discrimination on the basis of a protected category or as a result of conduct by an employer which is clearly unfair and unexpected.

Attorney Feener May Be Able To Help With Employment Law Cases

The Law Office of Feener & Wehrli LLC may be able to help you if you believe you have been unfairly terminated on the basis of a protected category or as a result of clear and extreme unfairness by your employer or need assistance or help to collect unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, unpaid commissions, or damages as a result of unfair termination.

Attorney Feener has successfully litigated prior employment law cases concerning wage collection, compensation, and unfair termination and may be able to assist you in your employment claims.

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